Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Symbolism of Of Mice and Men

Dreams… what are they and why do some die? A dream is a cherished desire. In a book entitled “Of Mice and Men,” a mentally retarded man by the name of Lennie receives a just born puppy from his fellow workman. To make a long story short, Lennie rubbed the pup to hard and the dog died right in the ill man’s hand. The symbolism of the puppy is that dreams will die if you’re not patient, willing and faithful.

Loneliness came over Lennie at times when his work was done and the other men were talking about things he couldn’t comprehend. He didn’t know what to do with himself, so he would pet soft things; that was a hobby for him. So when a fellow workman named Slim, Slim’s dog had puppies and he gave one to Lennie. Slim told Lennie he had to wait a couple of weeks before Lennie could play rough with the new pup. But the mentally retarded man had a mind of a child so he didn’t have patience and went to pet the pup while the other men weren’t looking.

Willingness was not a problem for Lennie; he was ready to do something voluntarily when it was in his favor. When Slim and the other men found out the Lennie were bringing the pup in the bunk house, Slim said he could rub the puppy only gently until the pup develops fully and properly. So did exactly what Slim said to do but Lennie was just too strong for the pup's welfare. I guess be willing is great but you have to have something to back it up, but what can it be?

Faith is the most essential thing to life. If you don’t have faith then you can never get anywhere. That’s the answer, to be patient and willing you have to be faithful to your dreams. Lennie had faith that his new pup was going to grow up healthy and strong. He had faith that if he did what Slim told him to do with the pup, then Lennie’s dream; I mean puppy live a happy life with Lennie. Wow, how powerful is faith?

Patience, willingness and faith have to all be there to achieve goals or to have your dreams come to reality. Being patient is in your mind, willingness is your strengths and faith lies in your heart. Without those three things, dreams will never be possible to accomplish. Lennie’s pup shows that dreams are possible but you have to have those three essential things to have success. You don’t have to kill a person or animal to know that your dreams can one day come true if you don’t pet them too hard.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Of Mice and Men Bloom's Taxanomy Questions

1. Do you know another instance where a runaway suspect killed a white girl?
• Yes, there this same thing happened in Native Son where Bigger the runaway suspect killed a white heiress named Mary Dalton.
2. What factors would you change if you had written Of Mice and Men?
• I change the fact that Carlson killed Candy’s dog but I would write that Candy killed his own dog.
3. What questions would you ask of Lennie before he died?
• Does his have voices in his head.
4. How is George similar to Lennie?
• I believe George needs Lennie as much as Lennie needs him. George needs him for the hard labor and to keep him sane.
5. How was this similar to Native Son?
• Discrimination, racism, and killing are some similarities in both books.
6. What do you see as other possible outcomes?
• A possible outcome would probably be George, Candy and maybe Crooks to get the dream farm.
7. Which events could have happened is Curley’s wife dressed like the men around her?
• She probably would have not gotten killed and could have gone into town.
8. What does Lennie and George’s relationship demonstrates?
• Their relationship demonstrates companionship and love.
9. How does the discrimination in Of Mice and Men compare to present day?
• Today people are too discriminated of their race, sexuality and intelligence.
10. What was the moral of Mice and Men?
• That no matter what you do in life there will always be death.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Empire of The Sun

Empire of The Sun is a a fantastic movie about a young British boy, James "Jamie" Graham living in Shanghai, China with his wealthy parents in the 1940s. Throughout this movie Jamie struggles to find his patriotism when Japan invades the country and World War II begins.

James' strife starts when we first meet his character singing in a church choir. Being an English child living in a Chinese world, he seems to be fascinated with Japanese aviation and takes on patriotism in that country. Another example of Jamie's patriotism with Japan is when they invade the country, he tells the troops that he surrenders.

His next form of patriotism comes in when Jamie meets Basie, an American who befriends him.
The two characters develop a relationship and Basie becomes almost like a "father figure" to young James. Their relationship grows even stronger when they are forced to live in a concentration camp, and Basie and the rest of the Americans adopt Jamie into their bunk. From there on he almost adopts the American way, of stealing things for Basie.

Finally, toward the end of the film, when the Americans come over and drop the atomic bomb on the country James starts to find himself. He turns down Basie and the Americans and wanders on his own. The dropping of the atomic bomb is like a wakeup call for James and he realizes how much he misses his parents. Luckily, they come to him in a children's holding place. From the ending, you can tell, his family is all he ever wanted. He finds himself as a British child living in China during the 1940s back where he started.

In conclusion Empire Of The Sun, is an awesome movie that deals with a young British child trying to find his patriotism in China. In the movie, viewers witness the different obstacles Jamie faces to get where he needs to be. You should feel very fortunate to not have to go through a war to be a better person.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Negro’s Mother Speaks On Her Son’s Behavior

After the sudden events of the disappearing of the Dalton’s daughter Mary, a Negro is missing. Finding Mary’s bones in the family’s furnace and having the family’s chauffeur on the loose shows motive and opportunity that the Negro might have killed the Dalton’s daughter. So to find out more about this suspicious Negro chauffeur I spoke with his mother. During, which I asked her a series or questions about how she feels about her missing son’s behavior.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Service Learning

My five independent service opportunities are tutoring children, gardening, senior citizens homes, , and religion helping.

My six ideas for Schoolwide projects are community street cleaning, reading to children, cleaning parks, going to youth study centers, tree planting and mural.

I have search volunteermatch.org about opportunities in Philadelphia. I also looked on cityyear.org and servicelearning.org.

NHD Reflection

Starting National History Day was easy, all I had to do was my research and write down my resources. The process was still as hectic as last year but I went through it once so I knew the challenges. I feel that NHD shouldn't be a force topic for Con High students to do. I feel that National HIstory Day should be an extra curricular activity for students that want to do it. The most difficult part of NHD was putting all my research together in a minimum of words. I really didnt like the fact that we had a half of day of NHD school wide competition and I didnt come that Monday due to a dentist appointment. In that result, I wasn't able to present my paper to the judges.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bloom's Taxanomy

Q: Who was speaking to Mary not knowing that she was slowly dying?
A: Bigger Thomas suffocated Mary with a pillow but didn’t realize that he was killing her.

Q: Who was the key character in Native Son?
A: The key character in Native Son is Bigger Thomas.

 If you have the chance, what question would you ask Mary about Bigger?

A: If I had the chance, I'd ask Mary what she thought about Bigger. Also, I'd ask her why were her and her family different from most white people who reacted in a negative manner toward black people.


Q: What do you think would have happened if Bigger did not kill Mary?

A: If Bigger did not kill Mary, things would be a lot better for him. The book would probably become a bit boring, but with the way Bigger acted, something else could have led to him getting in trouble.

Q: Can you see a possible solution to Bigger scaring his sister with the rat?
A: There could have been more possible solutions for Bigger when he killed the rat. He could have just taken the rat to the trash like his mother asked him. Being the disobedient son instead of listening to his mother he scared his sister.


Q: How would you feel if you were in Bigger’ position, a young poor black boy killing a young rich white women?
A: If I were in Bigger's position, a young poor black boy having just killed young rich white women, I would have panicked and would most likely have turned myself into the police.